Friday, September 21, 2018

Questions About Judge Kavanaugh, Professor Christine Blasey Ford, Senator Cory Booker and Congressman Keith Ellison

Questions About Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Professor Christine Blasey Ford, Senator Cory Booker and Senator Sherrod Brown What do we know about the night in question? NOTHING Do we even know the day or year? No – probably summer in the 1980’s Do we know the situs of the alleged assault? No Do we know who was there? 2? 4? 3? Was she even there? ???? Do we know how she got to the party or home? She doesn’t know Could she have been drunk? She said she only had one drink How does she know who was there? What if something happened? Is this a case of repressed memory? Is there any collaboration? The media’s trying to find someone to counter Judge Kavanaugh’s denial? They never found the missing ballots that meant Al Gore won the 2000 election What are the details of the polygraph? Polygraphs are notoriously unreliable. They are not a lie detector test. A person who believes a falsity will be reported as “truthful” Who paid for the polygraph? Who’s paying the legal fees of her two Democratic activist attorneys Debra Katz and Lisa Banks? If Professor Ford did not want to go public, why did she 1)Hire activist Democratic lawyers in August? 2) Do a polygraph test in August 3) Contact the Washington Post on a tip line last July? 4) Send the letter to Congresswoman Anna Eshoo last July? Did she really believe she could keep her story private and not public as well as her identity private? What about the presumption of innocence? That’s in a court of law, not the court of public opinion Shouldn’t the accused have a right to confront the accuser? Is this a replay of the Duke Lacrosse team? Is this a replay of the Rolling Stone article on the University of Virginia rape article? Who’s paying the legal fees of her attorneys, ? What will the temperature be next week in D.C.? Will she testify without conditions? Why are so many Senators quiet on her accusations? Why haven’t the Democratic staffers of the Senate Judiciary Committee participated in the investigation of her claims? Is there concern that if her accusations are false or unverified that it will hurt the #MeToo Movement? Why do they try to compare Judge Kavanaugh to Senator Al franken, who was doomed by a photo? What about Senator “I Am Spartacus” and his 1992 Stanford Daily column about groping a girl? Why are claims of sexual harassment inherently believable against conservatives and Republicans, but not against liberals and Democrats? What about the allegations by Congressman Keith Ellison’s ex-girlfriend about domestic violence? What about the court documents showing Senator Sherrod Brown engaged in spousal abuse on his wife? Why about Senator Tammy Baldwin scheduling a fundraiser in the office of Professor Ford’s attorneys? What about Senator Tom Carper who admits hitting his wife decades ago, giving her a black eye? Is Senator Dianne Feinstein worried she might lose reelection? What about the San Francisco Chronicle op-ed saying Senator Feinstein committed the worst possible timing on her disclosure? Why can’t Hillary Clinton just go away? Why can’t we muzzle social media’s scurrilous posters and death threats? Is this a replay of Justice Clarence Thomas? Is this a replay of Judge Ray Moore? Why now? What about the process? Even Justice Ginsburg thinks the process is flawed

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