Monday, April 10, 2017

Hillary Clinton is Still in Denial About How She Lost to Donald Trump: Is it Misogynistic, Deplorable White Women?

Hillary Clinton is Still in Denial About How She Lost to Donald Trump Secretary of State Hillary Clinton still can’t believe she lost the Presidency to Donald Trump. Thus, she still cannot understand how she lost to him. She lost because Hillary is Hillary. Introspection is not a Hillary Clinton virtue. She thinks she lost because of the Russian hacking, the Wikileaks email leaks, FBI Director Comey, and misogyny. America was not, in her mind, ready to accept a woman as President. She said “certainly, misogyny played a part.” She added “Some people, women included, had real problems” with a female candidate. Prior to 2000, It was inconceivable that America would elect an African American as President. Whites voted for him rather than her. Were the American voters misogynist when they went for Senator Barack Obama, an African American, in 2008 rather than her, a white woman? No, they chose the better candidate. Her arrogance and disdain for the American people came out in the general election when she called Trump supporters “deplorables.” It came out again two days ago when she called them misogynists. Thus, she did not lose to blue collar voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and almost Minnesota, but to misogynist deplorables in those states. Her campaign was based on two precepts. First, she would be the first woman President of the United States. Second, she was not Trump. Donald Trump offered hope. She offered welfare to the coal miners after directly telling then she would put them out of work. The Russian hacking did not defeat her. Polls show white women voted 53% for Donald Trump. That is why Hillary lost. The gender gap, men voting Republican and women voting Democratic, has favored Democratic Presidential candidates for decades. She won the female vote 54-42%, only a 12% difference. She lost the election to a white male who allegedly had issues. Were the 53% of white women who voted for Donald trump misogynists? Or were the members of blue collar families in America’s Rust Belt – blue collar families worried about their future? Hillary Clinton took them for granted while pushing the Obama policies which cost them jobs. She ignored her staff’s advice to increase efforts in Michigan and Wyoming. Her use of an unsecured private server hurt her. The apparent corruption of the Clinton Foundation hurt her campaign. John Podesta, or one of his assistants, falling for a simple phising hurt her campaign. She couldn’t lose, in her mind. She had the mainstream media on her side. She had the elites, the intellectuals, the intelligentsia. She had the campuses. She had Hollywood and the celebrities. Indeed, she campaign in Philly shortly before the election with a bevy of celebrities. Why worry? Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin had voted Democratic for President since forever. She didn’t need Ohio. She had the mainstream media, which was crucifying Donald trump. They still are. She forgot the people. They were enthusiastically at Trump rallies. Hers had small attendance. She outspent Donald Trump by a horrendous margin. She put together a rainbow coalition of core Democratic groups. She excluded whites and Christians from her coalition. She would win because she was entitled to the Presidency. President Obama was supporting her. She had the coasts and Illinois. What more did she need? The Heartland of America! She lost because she could not connect with people, the working class people of America. Bill Clinton could; Barack Obama could, George W. Bush could; Donald Trump could; Bernie sanders could. Al Gore could not. Hillary Clinton didn’t even try. It was visceral. She called them deplorable. To sum up, the distinguished Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is saying she lost because of misogynist, deplorable white women.

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