Wednesday, March 1, 2017

President Trump Became President last Night

President Trump is not the great orator that President Obama is (not many all), but he nailed his speech to Congress last night. He was asked all throughout the campaign to elevate his speeches, to show Americans he could be Presidential President Trump soaredt last night. Even some of his staunchest critics on the left, such as Van Jones, said he became President last night. President Trump painted with words a vision of greatness and rebirth for America – a vision which the American people have been anxiously waiting for. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could not deliver that message. It would not have been believable. The American people believe in American Exceptionalism. President Obama did not. He believed in the America of suppression, racism, sexism, homophobia. He believed the police are the domestic oppressors of the Black community and America’s military is the global oppressor. He believes fossil fuels are the source of global climate warming. President Trump believes in American Exceptionalism. He spoke to the people of American Exceptionalism. President Trump announced an end to the War on Police last night. President Trump announced an end to the War on Coal last night. President Trump announced his priority was employment, not the environment. The Democrats and mainstream media last night were expecting the snarky Trump, the insulting Trump, the vitriolic Trump, the egomaniac Trump, the bombastic Trump, the tweeting Trump, the truculent Trump. They heard President Trump, the statesman. Donald Trump was elected President on November 8, 2016. He was inaugurated on January 20, 2017. He has been acting as President since then. The skeptics though, the bitter partisans, viewed him as an interloper, who really wasn’t elected. They keep talking about impeachment and psychiatric exams. Rosie O’Donnell is mouthing off about an overthrow of the government and treason. The Democratic women in Congress wore white yesterday to show solidarity with the suffragette movement. White is also symbolically the color of surrender. The Democrats sat frozen on their hands during President Trump’s speech. They knew! President Trump seized the moment. They were impotent. The Democrats did not formally surrender last night, but they quickly fled after President Trump’s speech. Significantly, they did not race to the mikes to expound their talking points. President Trump silenced them, at least temporarily. President Obama may be a great orator, but the audiences of American people started tuning him off. His message was not connecting with the people. President Trump used the unholy trinity of words “I, me. mine” significantly less than President Obama. He spoke to the American people as their leader with a well thought out vision of America, He appealed to the “Spirit of America.” He did not provide a checklist, unlike President Clinton, of low expectations appealing to distinct Democratic constituencies. Some of the media remain, to use William Safire’s term, the “nattering nabobs of negativity.” The fact checkers will continue fact checking. They will continue to magnify disputes within the Republican party. They criticized his speech for lack of specifics. It was leaving too much to Congress to work out. These ‘pundits” fail to understand that Congress enacts legislation. They must have been enraptured by President Obama’s unilaterally legislating. Their viciousness will not work now; it did not work during the general election. If President Trump turns around the economy, their slings and errors won’t stick.

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