Monday, January 30, 2017

Emolument: The Word of the Week

Emoluments have seemingly become ubiquitous. But what is an emolument? A dessert in an upscale restaurant” Or is it a monument in a cemetery? A monument, such as “The Emolument of Hamilton”? The Emolument National Park in the Southwest? A car emblem? A medal for bravery? An ideal word for a spelling bee? A new video game: “The Emoluments Man” The misspelling of monument? A skin cream? A yuppie’s puppy – “Sit, Emolument”? A pet rock? A street name in the town of Emoluments? A museum in London? The name of a motorcycle gang, The “Emoluments”? The focus of a new TV series, “Bad Day in Emoluments” A recently discovered Bob Hope/Bing Crosby movie, “The Road to Emoluments”? A species of lawyers? The subject of the most boring law review article ever written? A term so beloved by our Founding Fathers that they used it twice in the Constitution, and still no one ever heard of it till now? The plaintiffs don’t expect to win. They’ve said they want to force disclosure of President Trump’s tax returns. That’s a loser

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