Sunday, September 4, 2016

Secretary Clinton Surpasses Rosemary Woods in Missing

We Learn from the Recently Released FBI Tapes that Secretary Clinton is Forgetful and suffered from a concussion. The FBI issued its redacted transcript of their interview with Secretary Clinton. She answered 35 questions in 3 hours with “I don’t recall.” One of the questions referred to an email sent under her signature in 2011. It advised State Department employees from using personal email usage. The irony must have escaped her as she replied “I don’t recall.” That’s quite a memory loss for such an erstwhile brilliant graduate of Wellesley and Yale Law School. When asked about an email, clearly marked with a “c” denoting classified, her response was especially absurd. She responded that she thought the “c” was a paragraph listing format. The most hilarious response by the “most qualified candidate with the most expertise” was to the question of whether she recalled any briefing or training by staff relating to retention of federal records and handling of classifications. She again responded that she couldn’t recall, but this time because she was still suffering from her one-time coma. She also said didn’t understand the classification system. We see excessive ignorance from one with such expertise! Secretary Clinton is not suffering, so far as we know, from early-stage dementia, but from lawyeritis. Don’t expect a full set of medical records or the transcripts from her Goldman Sachs speeches. Hillary’s answers are precisely what lawyers tell their clients to say to avoid perjury or lying to authorities charges (Martha Stewart’s crime): “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember.” It’s hard to dispute these statements, unlike a factual assertion which law enforcement knows is false. She is not the only Clinton afflicted with lawyeritis. Both her husband, President Clinton, as well as Bill Gates also sounded like the village idiots in their depositions a decade ago, her husband over Paula Jones and Bill Gates in an antitrust lawsuit. Remember her statement when the email scandal first broke a few years ago that she only wanted to use one device? The FBI revealed that she used 13 mobile devices and 5 IPads. All 13 mobile devices and 2 IPads are now missing, perhaps in the same niche once occupied by the Rose Law Firm billing records. Remember her “joke” a year ago about wiping her server “with a cloth or something?” An aide actually used a program called BleachBit to wipe her emails. That shows both intent (to everyone except FBI Director Comey) and obstruction of justice/tampering with evidence. The BleachBit was applied 3 weeks after Congress requested the information. As if we didn’t know before how careless she was with classified material, we learn that she took her BlackBerry into a secure area in which such electronic equipment was barred. Once again, one rule for the Clintons and another for everyone else. Rosemary Woods and President Nixon had 18 missing minutes from the tapes. Secretary Clinton is missing tapes, devices, and her memory/mind by the thousands. Secretary Clinton has even been missing from the campaign trail.

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