Friday, August 12, 2016

The Answer to a Donald Trump Victory is in the Bloomberg Poll!

The key to a Trump Victory is in the August 2016 Bloomberg Poll (Study #2142). 68% of Americans say the country is headed in the wrong track. Governor Clinton’s mantra in 1992 was “It’s the economy, stupid.” Governor Ronald Reagan asked in 1980 “Are you better off today than 4 years ago?” The answer was a clear “No!” with mortgage rates at 15.5% Mayor Michael Bloomberg has endorsed Secretary Hillary Clinton for President. Doesn’t matter The poll shows Secretary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 6%, a shrinking margin from other polls. That’s irrelevant. 68% of Americans say America is on the wrong track. Their concerns are economic and employment, or rather, unemployment. Most Americans are worse off than 8 years ago. They recognize that a Clinton Administration will be 4 more years of the same. Stay on Track! Are you better off than 8 years ago? It’s the economy, stupid! Forget the Judge Curiels and the Kahns. Forget the sarcasm and hyperbole! It’s the economy! Forget the urge to punch back. Forget Megyn Kelly and Hugh Hewitt. It’s the economy – not side issues. Forget about the election being rigged or crooked. It will only matter if the election is close, which it isn't now. Are you better off than 8 years ago? Stay on track! 48% blame Democrats for the wrong track versus 22% for Republicans. The 68% is your target. The 48% is your target. Even the 48% will probably win the election for you. All Americans are your target. 17% believe jobs and unemployment is the biggest issue with 13% choosing a real decline in income for the American people. Those are your issues. 14% are worried about terrorism. That will blow up again before the election. Wait until then. China and world trade tie into your message. That should be the winning issue in the Rust Belt. Immigration ties into it because of the resulting unemployment for Americans. Forget Hillary’s emails, for now. Either more will come out, or not! If nothing else emerges, you would have wasted valuable time. If something does emerge, then that’s the time, but always switch back to the economy. Don’t spend time on gun control. You have the gun rights vote. They will turn out to vote for you in the swing states. The press dumps on you? Use it to get back to your arguments about the economy. Don’t sound like a whiner. America wants a leader – not a whiner. Be smart – not stupid. Don’t let them bait you. Stay disciplined, stay on message. The election is still yours to win – not Hillary’s despite the polls. Ignore the Bill Clinton sex scandals unless they attack your personal life. The media will continue to dump on you. Don’t sound like a whiner in confronting them. As long as the media dumps on you, you are the message – a negative message. You have 90 days, an eternity in politics, to hammer home the message. “We will make America better, we will make you better in 4 years.” Be disciplined; stay on track, and you win. Use the “we.” Involve others. It’s the economy. Period!

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