Sunday, July 24, 2016

Let Me Get This Straight: Melania Trump is accused of Plagiarism

This week is supposed to be a media lovefest for the Democrats and Hillary unlike its treatment last week of the Republicans and Trump. If only WikiLeaks and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz had stayed out of the news, the media would only have good news to report out of Philadelphia this week. It was different last week for the republicans. The media delivered a message to the Trump Campaign, not that they needed to: Any miscue, even if slight, by the Trump Campaign will be treated as a cardinal sin on the order of capital punishment. The media does not want Donald Trump, or any Republican to win. No matter how flawed and untrustworthy Hillary Clinton may be, she is preferable to Trump. No matter how much free publicity the Donald received during the primaries, that time has passed. He and his campaign will be flyspecked for the silliest of mistakes. He will receive the Sarah Palin and Gerald Ford treatment. The GOP Convention must be made to look unorganized and divisive. Whatever message the Convention is trying to deliver will be obscured by side issues. The plagiarism episode is an example. A few lines were identical to Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech at the Democratic National Convention. That is plagiarism because of the uniqueness of the phaselology of the words. Of course, everyone knew Melania did not write her speech. That doesn’t matter. She was attacked for plagiarism. It led off the evening news. Not a word about the magnificence of the contents and sentiments in the speech. Donald Trump, Jr. delivered an outstanding performance. The media’s response – there’s too many Trumps on the program. How about instead: Trump, Sr. raised a number of intelligent, productive, successful children. Chris Christy delivered an electric, mocking speech against Hillary Clinton. The response to the chant of “Lock her up!:” “It’s too negative!” Governor Mike Spence had a great acceptance speech. The media’s response was to drown it out by harping on Senator Ted Cruz’s failure to formally endorse Donald Trump. All side issues with an aura of negativity and failure on the part of the Republicans. Let’s look closely at the plagiarism charge. A couple of lines are identical. That’s plagiarism. Thus, they damned Melania and the Trump Campaign. Yet, the media can conveniently have a very short memory. Michelle Obama plagiarized from Sol Alinsky in the 2008 Speech. Her husband, President Obama, lifted entire passages from a speech by Governor Deval Patrick. The Massachusetts Governor brushed it off, and the media then quickly forgot about it. Then we have Vice President Joe Biden, a serial plagiarizer. He was accused of plagiarism in his first year at Syracuse Law School. Plagiarism, a major form of cheating, is all too common in the academic world with students often claiming they did not know or understand what plagiarism is. The faculty voted that he had to retake the course. He graduated 76 out of 85, but has claimed to have been in the top half. His explanation was he had done nothing “malevolent.” Sounds like Hillary Clinton on her emails. Senator Clinton is the one who noticed Senator Obama’s plagiarism. Vice Prsient is an argument why these tw Senator Biden in his failed 1988 run for the Presidency lifted an entire speech from British politician Neil Kinnock. He is also alleged to have lifted parts of speeches from Hubert Humphrey, Robert Kennedy and President Kennedy. But the media slammed Melania! It’s a side issue that detracted from the campaign’s message until Senator Ted Cruz came along. Donald Trump and his staff better realize that the mainstream media will give him no cover this Election cycle.

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