Saturday, April 4, 2015

What's Wrong With the Iran Deal?

What’s Wrong With the Iran Deal? No one can be wrong all the time. Sooner or later a right decision will be made. President Obama still hasn’t got it right with the Iran framework. His problem is one of underlying precepts. The President believes Israel is the major source of instability in the Mideast while Iran, the Mullahs of Iran, will be the source of stability in the Mideast. In short, he’s picking up where President Carter left off. His pro-Mullah bias manifested itself early in his Administration. The Mullahs and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stole the June 12, 2009 Iranian Presidential Election. The masses turned out in protest, only to be brutally suppressed. President Obama was silent. Yet he became a cheerleader for the Arab Spring, even pushing out Egypt’s President Mubarak with the extremist Muslim Brotherhood temporarily assuming power. The Arab Spring resulted in the overthrow of several dictators, pro-West secular leaders. How has that worked out in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Tunisia? Iran’s fingerprints are on the chaos throughout the Mideast and North Africa. Great Britain and France in negotiations with Nazi Germany decided the fate of Czechoslovakia. The United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, China and Russia in negotiations with Iran are deciding the fate of Israel and the Mideast. Any deal with Iran should be a comprehensive deal including recognizing the existence of Israel, reining in Iran’s expansionism, freeing the Americans held in Iran, and promoting regional security. Instead, Iranians can still yell “Death to America” during morning prayers while an Iranian General stated “Erasing Israel off the map is non-negotiable.” Iran will never successfully be the stabilizer in the Mideast. It, along with Iraq, are Shi’a nations, but the other nations are primarily Sunni. Sunni terrorist groups, such as Al Qaeda, Al-Shabaad, Boko Haraam, and ISIS view Shi’a as infidels. Nor were the primarily Sunni Arab nations in the Mideast a party to the discussions. This agreement will not stabilize the Mideast. It does not recognize the existence of Israel. It does not obtain the return of the Americans currently held in Iran’s jails. It does not affect Iran continuing as the leading sponsor of state sponsored terrorism. It does not address Iran’s aggressive expansionism. It does not promote regional security. It does not affect Iran’s ballistic missile program. It does not improve the living standards of the Iranian people. It will promote nuclear proliferation. It does not provide how we will detect Iran’s chronic cheating. It does not provide for snap inspections. It does not stop Iran’s “research program.” So what does it do?

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