Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Now It's Emailgate: The Clintons Are Back

Now it’s Emailgate; the Clintons never left. Hillary’s run, or feint, for the Presidency takes us back to the 8 raucous, scandal-ridden years of the Clinton Administration - an Administration of never ending scandals. Draft Dodging Mena Whitewater Vince Foster Rose Law Firm Billing Records (filegate) Jim & Susan MacDougal Cattle futures I don’t know Bimbo eruptions Gennifer Flowers Linda Tripp Kathleen Wiley Juanita Broaddrick Elizabeth Ward Gracen Paula Jones I surrendered my Arkansas legal license Johnny Chung John Huang Charlie Trie James Riady I don’t remember White House Travel Office Troopergate I didn’t inhale What is “is”? I can’t remember Pardongate President Clinton on January 20, 2001, his last day in office, issued 140 Presidential pardons, including one to the billionaire fugitive Marc Rich at the behest of Rich’s ex wife, the long legged blond Denise Rich, who subsequently renounced her American citizenship in November 2011 The irrepressible Clintons continued to make news in the past 14 years Russian Reset The 3:00am phone call from Benghazi Bill Clinton’s globe trekking, especially to the Caribbean, with Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire pedophile The Clinton Administration received a pass from the media on most of its scandals, blaming them on a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” The latest media attacks are coming from the New York Times and Washington Post, pillars of the media establishment. The Washington Post disclosed that foreign governments and corporations contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation after Secretary of State Clinton’s State department secured deals for them. The New York Times ran two page one articles on her private email machinations. The odds of her being elected President in 2016 are slim to none.

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