Friday, January 9, 2015

The Blue Flu Has Struck New york City During a Cold Winter

The Blue Flu Has Struck New York City. Mayor de Blasio doubles and triples down on his contempt for the NYPD. He reacted to the tragic killing of Eric Brown by feeding the Left’s contempt for the police. The Mayor is like the classic tale of the scorpion and the frog. The scorpion asked the frog to carry him across the river. The frog initially refused: I don’t trust you. You will sting me to death.” The scorpion replied: “No way. If I sting you I will die too for I can’t swim. You can trust me.” The frog gave in, relying on the assurances of the scorpion. The scorpion stung halfway across the river. The frog cried out “why?” The scorpion replied “It is my nature.” It’s a force of habit for the scorpion. Also for the Mayor. He despises the NYPD through force of habit. The far left progressive believes the police are the problem. They oppress minorities. They shoot young blacks for no reason except racism. They routinely practice police brutality. He pals with the Reverend Al Sharpton and looks to him for advice on Civil Rights. That is his base. Mayor de Blasio is of that base. He believes the police are the problem. Attorney General John Mitchell said at the onset of the Nixon Administration: “Watch what we do, not what we say.” The Mayor met with Patrick Lynch, President of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, ostensibly to mend fences. Nothing was accomplished in the meeting. However, as they were meeting the Mayor’s aides were coaching the media to criticize the police and Lynch for showing contempt for the Mayor by turning their backs on him. Paint them disrespectful for their conduct at the funeral of the assassinated police officer. De Blasio was Janus faced in the talks. Judge Mayor de Blasio by his actions – not his words. Then came the fear of copycat killings of police officers after the cold blooded assassinations of Officers Raphael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. The NYPD has received several threats. 18 year old Devon Covey posted death threats against the NYPD. He already has a major rap sheet. He was arrested. Judge Laura Johnson promptly released him without bail. The next day, December 23, Judge Johnson released a second suspect without bail. Travis Maye, 26 with a rap sheet, had struck an officer and threatened others. Merry Christmas, NYPD. Mayor de Blasio showed his contempt for the police on December 31 by reappointing Judge Johnson to an additional year as an interim judge. Actions! – Not words! Judge the Mayor by what he does – not by what he says. Force of habit. It is the Mayor’s nature – his base and core beliefs. Contempt and disdain for the Police! His latest affront is after the funeral for Officer Wenjian Liu. Once again he showed up for the funeral, and officers outside the church turned their back on him. The officers were exercising their freedom of speech through silence. The petulant Mayor held a press conference Monday at which he accused the police of “being disrespectful to the families involved.” He also called them disrespectful to the people of New York City. Mayor de Blasio mistakes respect for the office versus respect for the person. The NYPD respects the Office of the Mayor. They do not respect the current Mayor. Personal respect must be earned. He has earned disrespect. The officers showed respect by the thousands for their fallen comrade. The irony is that most officers, fulfilling their sense of duty, will risk their lives to save the Mayor and his family in an attack. One form of response against despised authority figures is passive resistance. The CDC reports a virulent flu is spreading through America. The NYPD has caught the Blue Flu. The Blue Flu decades ago was manifested by scores of officers calling in sick with the flu during contract negotiations. The NYPD has caught a milder form of the flu. Their hands are paralyzed, unable to write out tickets, summons, and infractions. Traffic tickets plunged 92% a week ago compared to last year, from 9,319 to 749. The New York City budget is $77 billion. Traffic tickets account for roughly $546 million. The City will soon feel the pinch of reclining revenues. Double parked vehicles are not ticketed. Nor are vehicles parked on the wrong side of alternate side parking. Citations and summons dropped a similar 93% from 16,018 to 1,191. Arrests also plunged 56% to 2,401 from 5,448. New York City is suffering through a self-inflicted case of the Blue Flu. Police Commissioner William Bratton calls it a work stoppage. The people of New York City will pay the cost. Patrick Lynch stated the PBA had not engaged in a collective action to slow down. However, he explained “Statistics sometimes have to take a back seat to safety.” The New York City Police are justifiably concerned about their safety, public castigation, and being sued. Two cars respond to a crime, and officers don’t arrest unless “absolutely necessary.” Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg had the police’s backs. The police turn their backs on the Mayor.

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