Monday, March 24, 2014

The Mystery Continues for Malaysian Flight 370

The Mysteries of Malaysia 370 The Malaysia Government declared Flight 370 lost in the South Indian Ocean with all 239 souls on board lost. That solves one mystery – the fate of 370, but opens new mysteries. How did the plane fly so far off course? Theories: Pilot suicide A hijacking gone bad A complete mechanical failure An external hacking of the plane’s computer system A cargo fire Four planes are believed to have crashed because of pilot suicide, but that doesn’t explain how the plane managed to fly 7 hours, presumably on autopilot until it ran out of fuel. A suicidal pilot could simply have dived the plane into the ocean from a high altitude. A hijacking could have resulted in a fight with the plane supposedly soaring to 45,000’ and then plunging down until stabilized at a lower altitude. All on board could have died under those circumstances. A complete mechanical failure is a possibility, but what is the cause? Perhaps a computer takeover by a hacker. This scenario has become a common theme in Hollywood. The pilots would be unable to control the plane and external communications blocked. A fire in the cargo hold could have knocked out the transponders and other communications before the pilots became away of what was happening. Their subsequent turning back at a lower altitude may have been an attempt to safely land the plane. We now know the cargo contained a shipment of lithium ion batteries, which have been involved in about 140 aircraft fires over the past 25 years according to Business Insider reports. A UPS cargo pane crashed in Dubai in 2010. Lithium-ion batteries were responsible for a fire, which filled the cockpit with smoke and interfered with communications and controls. Lithium-ion batteries, widely used in smart phones and laptop computers, have a risk of overheating, spontaneously exploding and catching on fire. Over 10 million laptops have been recalled over the past decade by Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Toshiba. Nokia recalled 46 million cellphone batteries. One final question: What has been the role of the United States, the military, NSA, and CIA, and satellites in the investigation of the missing airline? Does the United States government know more than it is publicizing? The mystery can be solved when the black boxes are recovered, a substantial piece of the fuselage is retrieved, and some bodies, especially those of the pilot or co-pilot are autopsied. The fuselage will tell us if a fire or explosion occurred. The autopsies can determine of the flyers were dead before the crash. The black boxes tell us the flight dynamics and the cockpit conversations. Of course, if all this is wrong, we are back to the underlying conspiracy theory: the plane was hijacked and is somewhere in Pakistan.

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