Thursday, November 14, 2013

26,794 Reasons Validate Senator Ted Cruz, the Tea Party and the GOP Shutdown of the Government

Senator Ted Cruz was pilloried by the media and the Democrats for his one day filibuster against the budget. The media and Democrats continued their talking points use of the Tea Party as a political punching bag. The Republican “shutdown” of the government a month ago was portrayed as a suicide pact by the Republicans. President Obama and the Democrats won the political and rhetorical battle over the shutdown. At the Time. Remember what the shutdown was about? ObamaCare and the subsidies to members of Congress and their staff were the focal points of the Republican House. They sought a one year delay in the individual mandate. The House and Senate Democrats went on the record, voting against an extension of the individual mandate. They are on the record (modern video and digital recording last forever on the internet) blindly echoing the President’s blanket statement about keeping your insurance and doctors. The same Democrats are crying for relief today – for themselves. They are crying for an extension, at least for the individual health insurance plans. Their recorded words in praise of ObamaCare will be used against them in 2014. They blindly followed Speaker Pelosi carrying the gavel into the gavel. They blindly voted for the bill, never having read it. They were blind in understanding the bill. They blindly followed President Obama’s lead through the budget fight, and now three weeks later, they see the political light. It is blinding as it shines on their ignorance. 26,794 Americans signed up through the federal exchange in 36 states for Obamacare. Over 5 million individual health policies have been cancelled in the same time. California was praised for enrolling 35,364 residents in Covered California, the California health exchange. Over 1 million individual health insurance policies have been cancelled in California. Covered California told the private health insurance companies in California that they would have to cancel their individual plans by January 1, 2014, throwing these insureds into the exchange. So much for “If you like your current insurance company, you can keep it. Period.” ObamaCare is creating more uninsured Americans than it is removing from the uninsured ranks. Senator Cruz is right. ObamaCare is a disaster. The Tea Party is right. ObamaCare in an abomination. The Congressional Republicans are right. ObamaCare is a failure. The Democrats have enacted a health insurance plan that is imploded even before coverage takes place on January 1, 2014. ObamaCare is imploding even before the economic contradictions in the plan take effect. ObamaCare is imploding even before the federal subsidies become unsustainable ObamaCare is imploding even before the insureds, or potential insureds, can find out which doctors and hospitals are in the plan. ObamaCare is unraveling even before most Americans determine how high their premiums will be under ObamaCare. ObamaCare is removing millions of Americans from the full time employment ranks. ObamaCare is failing even before the Americans covered by it discover they cannot obtain medical care in fact because of the lack of doctors. ObamaCare is failing even before the nation’s youth and healthy can evade the individual mandate by under-withholding their federal income taxes. Senator Cruz, the Tea Party, and the House Republicans warned us. ObamaCare registered only 105,000 between the federal and state exchanges in its first month – far short of the expected 500,000. How many of the 105,000 “enrollees” are actually enrolled was not revealed. It is less than 105,000 since formal enrollment does not occur until they have paid a premium. Senator Cruz was right in his filibuster, and is right. The Tea Party and Republican Party were right, and are right.

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