Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Does Anyone in the Obama Administration Know Anything About Anything?

The critical question in Watergate was “What did they know, and when did they know it?? The IRS Hearings tell us that no one knew nutting about nutting – this ten days after Eric Holder, the Attorney General, answered “I don’t know” to many questions about the Associated Press taps. He knew nutting about nutting. Susan Rice in her 5 TV appearances on the Benghazi attacks toed the line of the “talking Points” even though they were false. Either she knew they were wrong or blithely ignored all the evidence to the contrary. Lois Lerner knew something, but she took the Fifth earlier today after proclaiming her innocence. White House Spokesman Jay Carney said several times last week that no one in the White House knew about the IRS transgressions. The phrase that arose out of Watergate was “Prior statement inoperative.” Douglas Shulman, retired Commissioner of the IRS, testified before Congressional Committees on the IRS targeting of conservative organizations: “This happened on my watch, but I do not accept responsibility.” He referred the matter it to the Inspector General, J. Russell George, when he heard there might be a problem, but never followed up with the Cincinnati office or attempt to stop the targeting. His answer earlier today to Congress on why he didn’t notify the House in testifying or responding to Congressional inquiries: “At that point I didn’t have anything accurate. I didn’t have a full set of facts to come back to Congress or the Committee with.” Of course, he made no effort to determine the facts. He willfully blinded himself. Deposed Acting Commissioner Steve Miller has testified to the same effect. They knew nothing, except they know it was not political, just like Lois Lerner proclaimed her innocence of any crime but took the Fifth. Does anyone, except Steve Miller, think the agency’s misconduct was the unilateral act of two rogue agents? The Secretary of the Treasury, the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, the Counsel to the President, the Chief of Staff, and other aides knew of the Inspector General’s investigation of the IRS targeting of conservative groups, but they claim to know nothing of the details (we think). The brilliant President, of course, knows nothing. Plausible deniability is the operating criteria. The President claims to be shocked by the IRS revelations, just as he claims to support the First Amendment and Freedom of the Press. The President of a transparent administration runs an opaque administration except when he can take credit. Elections are won by maximizing your turnout while minimizing your opponents. The IRS was acting to suppress the Tea Party and other conservative organizations prior to the 2012 Presidential Election. The second step in May 2012, as knowledge of the targeting was starting to bubble to the surface, was to put the lid on through the election, just as Watergate did not blow until after President Nixon was safely reelected in 1976. No one involved has said that yet, but someone will. No one in the White House knows anything about that. The IRS officials come across as A) The Three Stooges B) Ostriches with their heads in the sand C) The Three Evils: “Hear no evil. Speak no evil, See no evil.” D) Perjurers Here are the possibilities: At best they willfully blinded themselves to the obvious. Then again, perhaps an innocent explanation exists for Shulman and Miller. We are looking at the faces of nameless, faceless career bureaucrats who rise by not making waves. The motto is “To get along, you go along” as you slowly, inexorably rise to the top as the Peter Principle works itself out. And then when you become Commissioner, you kick any problems down the road, such as to the Inspector General. You do not rock the boat. Too many people knew for two years through 4 separate IRS offices going into the 2012 Presidential Election of the IRS Campaign. They're playing dumb and dumber because they know the IRS intentionally targeted conservative political organizations, whether it was a low level decision local decision, came out of D.C headquarters,or is linked to the White House or reelection office in Chicago, remains to be seen., Here’s one fact we know. Lois Lerner’s husband is a partner in a law firm that did fund raising for President Obama. Someone will talk. The pressure cooker is about to blow on IRSGate.

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