Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg's Incomplete Jihad Against Dangerous Food

As we know, a New York Court tossed out Mayor Bloomberg's selective ban of sugared beverages, partially because it was arbitrary and capricious. His response to the court decision lays out the issue: “Now, the best science tells us sugary drinks are a leading cause of obesity. Some people say: Just talk about the problem, raise awareness, and hope that results in change. But it’s not enough to talk, and it’s not enough to hope. We have a responsibility as human beings to do something, to save each other, to save the lives of ourselves, our families, our friends, and all the rest of the people that live on God’s planet. And so while other people will wring their hands over the problem of sugary drinks, in New York City, we’re doing something about it.” Therein lies the problem. It is not government’s responsibility to protect us from ourselves. Our country is based on human freedom, personal liberty. Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty, or give me death.” Motorcycle riding can be dangerous. So can sky diving or bungee jumping. Surfing is not risk free. Water skiing is a thrill and a half. Biking is not safe. Skate boarding leads to accidents. A large number of foods and beverages contain high levels of calories, cholesterol, salt or sugar. These food types may be dangerous to human health, as well as often posing risks to others: Alcohol leads the list. Prohibition didn’t work that well, did it? Bacon Beer Bologna Brownies Burritos Butter Cakes and cupcakes Calzones Candy Churros Cheese Cheeseburgers Chocolate Cinnamon rolls Coffee Cookies, including Girl Scout Cookies Corndogs Cream cheese Cream Puffs Crème Brûlée Croissants Donuts Eclairs Fajitas Foie Gras Fowl French Fries Frosted Flakes Fruitcakes Fudge Funnel Cakes Grinders, Heroes, Po Boys, Subs Hot dogs Hot Pockets Ice Cream Jams, jellies and preserves Kielbasa Lattes Lucky Charms Lunchables Macaroni and Cheese Maple Syrup Meatloaf Milk Milk Shakes Onion Rings Orange Juice Pasta Peanut butter Philly Cheesesteak Pies Pirogi Pizza Popcorn Potato Chips Potato Salad Pretzels Ramen Reuben Salad Dressing Shellfish (allergies) Sodas Strawberry Shortcake Syrups Tacos Tortes Tuna TV Dinners Twinkies What does His Honor propose for these foods?

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