Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Demonization of Herman Cain

Herman Cain has suspended his quixotic campaign for President. He soared and fell like a meteor.

How sad!

The articulate, accomplished plain-spoken Cain seemed the anti-Romney the Republican conservatives have desperately been seeking. He knew jobs came from private employers. More significantly, he was the first Republican since Sarah Palin who connected directly with the voters. He was not a career politician. Even Governor Romney has been running for office for 15 years. He spoke simply, directly and genuinely to the people.

No programmable, robotic talking points – just real ideas. His ideas, like Ronald Reagan’s seemed to make sense, even though heavily criticized by the experts.

Common sense.

A positive campaign – not a negative campaign.

A true conservative – not a faux conservative.

Indeed, could Cain be the second coming of Reagan?

A fresh breeze

Herman Cain would represent the Party of Lincoln.

The Republican Party that freed the slaves.

Even if he entered the election for ulterior or unknown reasons, Cain soared in the polls. Cadres of Republican activists flocked to him. 9-9-9. Cain was The Man.

Authentic, but flawed, as we all are.

And then came the women with accusations of sexual harassment and long affairs. I don’t know the truth of the charges, any more than Anita Hill and Justice Thomas, but we must take sexual harassment claims seriously.

And yet, some of the “charges” seemed more like a man hitting on a woman than sexual harassment.

Cain offered to take a polygraph. Clinton never did.

The media went ballistic. Gloria Allred appeared with her client, Sharon Bialek, the first accuser, eventhough the statute of limitations had long run.

Where was Gloria with Kathleen Willey’s accusations against Governor Bill Clinton?

Where was the media with the candidate who had a campaign squad created just to handle his “Bimbo Eruptions?”

Where was Gloria Allred with Paula Jones?

Where were the investigative reporters with Jennifer Flowers?

Where was the media harassing President Clinton with his obstruction of justice, settlements and surrender of his law license in Arkansas?

Have you noticed that one by one, the mainstream media has destroyed each major opponent to Governor Romney?

Have you noticed the fly-specking and vitriolic treatment that conservative woman Republicans, like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, and conservative Republicans such as Herman Cain, receive without any media outrage by the double standard?

How about the candidate who campaigned in all 57 states with a couple left to go?

Where was the media on that gaffe?

Of course, Herman Cain probably was probably not going to win the nomination. He had little fund raising and no ground game, especially critical in Iowa.

We are electing the President of the United States, not a candidate for sainthood.

The economy is in the tank, the dilettante President has been a disaster spending his time golfing, traveling, and fundraising, and basing his campaign on demagoguery.

Social issues are important, but this election should be based on economic issues.

Herman Cain’s out, at least for the Presidential nomination.

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