Wednesday, August 31, 2011

President Obama Caves in Less than a Day - A Sad Day for America

President Obama has said he wakes up every morning worried about American jobs.

President Obama had three years to call a joint session of Congress to address the jobs problem.

President Obama had 9 ½ days of vacation on Martha’s Vineyard to call a special session of Congress to present his plan for jobs.

Instead, he called for a Joint Session of Congress for next week to present his plan – the reelection plan.

Congress is not in session Monday, Tuesday or Friday next week. That leaves Wednesday or Thursday.

Wednesday is a long-scheduled Republican debate at the Reagan Library. Thursday is the kickoff of the NFL Season – Green Bay versus N’awlins.

Jay Carney, the President’s press spokesman, announced today that the President’s speech will be on Wednesday. The President’s Office advised NBC that they could move the coverage of the Republican debate.

The Republicans objected; preempting an opposing party’s long scheduled debate looks pity and a political dirty trick.

Jay Carney suggested the GOP is free to move the time of the debate.

Speaker Boehner advised the White House that Wednesday was unacceptable, but that Thursday would work.

The White House announced earlier tonight that the Joint Session will be on Thursday, September 8.

The President caved to the Speaker in less than 12 hours.

This is the type of act that makes any Administration appear incompetent and weak.

All they had to do was get a commitment from the Speaker and Senate Majority Leader.

Instead, they announced the Joint Session without clearing it in advance.

It was either an initial decision reeking of incompetence or political gamesmanship.

The public is looking for leadership. They also are looking for meaningful proposals from the President - not a campaign speech next Thursday.

Let me add though that I think the GOP also mishandled the situation. They should have moved their scheduled debate back an hour, and asked the media for equal time to respond to the President’s address. The debate would be the response with all 12 Republicans candidates blasting the President’s proposals in real time. This debate would receive a much higher audience than it otherwise would have and whoever delivers the Republican response on Thursday night.

Which do we watch live, and which do we TIVO Thursday night – the President or the NFL?

A sad day for America, and miscalculation by both parties. That’s not what Americans want from Washington.

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