Sunday, January 9, 2011

The lady in red

The Lady in Red wished to be noticed.

And she was.

The Lady in Red entered the meeting a split second before it began, when everyone else was seated.

The Lady in Red exited the meeting five minutes before it ended.

If you didn’t catch her on the way in, you would have noticed on the way out.

The beautiful, blond Lady in Red pulled a Marilyn Monroe. She wanted to be noticed. If you missed her grand entrance, the Lady in Red wore a very tight, very bright, very red, red sweater, projecting every line of her perfect figure.

She wanted to be noticed.

And she was – but not necessarily for the right reasons.

Men pretended not to notice as their eyes furtively, lustily glanced at her. They could not deny their genes.

Women pretended not to notice as they tsk tsk’ed out of jealously.

And yet, the Lady in Red is a professional, a member of the world’s second oldest profession, the law.

She was noticed, but for what?

Not for her brains. Nor her charm or professionalism, much less class.

No, questions were quietly asked:

Is the Lady in Red a natural blond?

Has her face seen surgery?

Is her bosom built on a foundation of silicone?

Has she used liposuction?

How old is she really?

Does she have stretch marks?

What does her personal trainer know that we can’t see?

Can she really be that vain and shallow?

What will she do when her surface beauty fades, as it must?

Beautiful women will always be noticed, whether they dress professional, casual or frumpy. If they dress not to be noticed, but with class, they will be valued and accepted as a colleague, as a professional, as a person – not as an object.

The Lady in Red needs to understand that there will always be a much more beautiful woman in the room – a natural beauty with class.

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