Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Thoughts on Tuesday's elections

If it’s close in Nevada, Washington or Minnesota, the Democrat will win. Washington proved that with Christine Gregoire winning in Washington for Governor after two hand recounts while the election day vote count showed a 261 vote victory for Dino Rossi, and in Minnesota when Senator Norm Coleman was ahead by 215 votes on election day , but then lost to comedian Al Franken by 312 votes on a recount. In both cases mysterious votes showed up in the recount for the Democrats. A similar result can be predicted in Chicago, based on precedence going back to JFK’s victory in 1960.
Nevada has already shown this year in Boulder City that votes for Angle show up for Reid. Walking around money still walks in Philly and may win it for Joe Sestak.

Hugh Hewitt is right. If the victory is large enough, they can’t steal the election.

And the Democrats claim that Bush stole the election in 2000!

The Democrats, being the party of trial lawyers, have lined up 10,000 lawyers to review the election results.

The Democrats had nothing to offer the voters in 2010, except fear.

The Republicans offered hope and change. That they will deliver, if only by stopping Obama for two years.

The voters voted for Democrats in 2006 and 2008 because they were rejecting the Republicans; they were not embracing the Democrats.

The voters are not embracing the Republicans in 2010; they are simply rejecting the Democrats.

Bill Clinton was right: “It’s the economy, stupid.”

President Obama had nothing to offer the voters, but himself. His appearances were to relatively small audiences, instead of the once large campaign rallies.

Nancy Pelosi will not be Speaker of the House in the next Congress – that’s an easy prediction, but she may not even be the Minority Leader. The surviving House Democrats, no matter how liberal, do not appreciate leaders who lead them to defeat.

The only way anything will get done in the next Congress is if President Obama compromises, and that’s not likely. If he doesn’t compromise, he will be the lamest of lame ducks for two years.

Either Hillary or another Democrat will run against President Obama in 2012.

The fight between Senator Richard Durban and Senator Charles Schumer to succeed Senator Harry Reid will be great spectator sport.

Negative ads, when done right, succeed even though voters say they don’t like them. Senator Barbara Boxer always wins on negative ads because she cannot run on her record.

Dirty tricks can also work.

Gloria Allred’s press conference with Nicky Diaz Santillan, claiming she was wrongly fired by Meg Whitman, turned the election around. Diaz was an illegal immigrant who used forged documents, including a drivers license, social security card, immigration papers and W-4’s, to secure a job.

Nicky Diaz was earning $23/hour.

FoxNews and talk radio have tremendous influence, but the mainstream media still has a broader reach with the public.

The media’s double standard between liberal women candidates and conservative women is even more pronounced this year.

President Obama is not campaigning for individual Democrats, or even his program, but for 2012.

The Republicans, even if they take both the House and Senate, will not be able to reverse his health care disaster, and the EPA can promulgate cap and trade, or some other carbon control, on its own. The NLRB can adopt card check on its own, and his Administration is toying with the idea of effectively granting amnesty to the illegals in America now.

The lame duck session will get little done. If nothing else, the Republicans in the Senate will block actions even if the shell shocked Democrats wish to pursue substantive initiatives, such as amnesty.

The Democrats and elites hysterically denigrate the tea Party not only because the Tea Party may win, but more significantly because the Tea party actually represents the people, which the Democrats profess to do every two years. The Tea Party is a manifestation of the people up rather than the Democratic Party down.

Regardless of who wins in California on Tuesday, California is headed for fiscal Armageddon. New York is headed the same direction unless the Republicans regain control of the state senate.

The most deserving loser will be Representative Al Grayson of Florida

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