Thursday, December 17, 2009

Funlough Thursday Before Furlough Friday

California has enacted its third budget this fiscal year, and the deficit is now only $20 billion and rising. The year’s barely half over.

California’s state motto used to be “Eureka I found it.” Now it’s “Furloughs or layoffs.”

The Governor chose furloughs. That was easy for him since he doesn’t draw a salary, and he wasn't about to lay himself off.

So starting last February the state employees started taking one “voluntary,” unpaid Friday off – Furlough Friday. The goal was to save $1.3 billion a year. It didn’t and now we’re up to three Furlough Fridays a month.

It even spread to the University of California, resulting in professors reaping a 15% salary cut. How does UC say “Eureka, I lost it?”

Never underestimate the American Psyche to engage in gallows humor. Think of the band on the Titanic as it was sinking.

Some of our devoted public servants in Sacramento have coped with the stress of Furlough Fridays by inventing Funlough Thursdays. Beginning at noon Thursday, they email each other to plan the evening festivities which begin with happy Hour at 5 at a local watering hole. Furlough Fridays now include a half day of full pay on Thursday.

Why not?

They keep their jobs, pensions, medical plans, paid holidays (15 paid holidays and personal days), civil service protections, vacation days, overtime, and sick days.

To be young, single, living in Sacramento with disposable income!

The bars and restaurants report a surge in business on Thursdays. Someone’s prospering in this economy.

Those critical services, of which the people of California are being deprived, do not occur Thursday afternoons and all day Friday.

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