Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Toke and Tax: California's Future

California voters last night blew up the five legislative budget “fixes” which either raised taxes or redirected existing revenue streams to the general budget. The California State Budget was up in smoke.

The answer to California’s economic distress lies in the smoke.

For California, it’s time to chill out as the answer is blowing in the wind. THC (Think Hashish and Cannabis)

California should now get off the pot, totally legalize marijuana, and then tax it.

Toke and Tax shall be the new motto of California.

Replace the old miner panning for gold with Mary Jane rolling a joint: “Eureka, I found a brick.”

Let Semsilla be the state flower.

Let grass become the NORML.

California has gone halfway there through the 1996 Prop 245, which legalized medical pot in California. Prop 245 created a hole wide enough in California’s ban on marijuana to drive a Mack Truck painted Panama Red through, and charted a new path in the classic game of Feds and Heads.

No longer should Californians fly to Vegas for pleasure. Now Nevadans can take one toke over the Stateline to California.

From Arizona, they can stop in Weed for some weed.

From Oregon, it’s just a short drive down the 101 to California’s Golden Triangle.

Californians won’t risk their lives in TJ for Acapulco Gold.

We can move the Annual Hash Bash from Ann Arbor to Berzerkey.

The legislators and the Governator celebrated with schnapps when they increased taxes. That was a critical error in judgment and an insult to Californians. Northern Californians may partake of brie and wine, and Southern Californians of Corona. All may puff the Magic Dragon, but stoned true Californians never stoop to schnapps. The legislators were dopes to think we couldn’t see through the purple haze to their tax increases.

Clear the air of pollution with a natural high in Tahoe.

No more wasteful uses of electricity to create artificial light in blacked out houses. Meter readers will no longer become Narcs.

Don’t waste limited law enforcement resources on CAMP.

Taxes by the kilos can make deficits go up, up and away.

Cannabis Dreaming has become a reality

Reefer Madness explains 2001 A Space Odyssey and Yellow Submarine.

Good grass no longer has to be green.

Weather forecasts by the Hippie Dippy Weatherman.

Worship with bongs at the Church of Cosmic Awareness.

Rediscover the lost art of rolling your own.

Remember, our Founding Fathers grew hemp for a reason.

Judge Douglas Ginsburg could qualify for the Supreme Court.

If only George Carlin were still alive.

Since California has a structural deficit, it now has the key to escape reality.

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