Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Madness: Random Questions

How can the tournament be legitimate without Kentucky?

Which traditional basketball power, Duke, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, or UCLA has a chance of going all the way?

Will injuries ruin UConn and North Carolina’s chances?

Has Memphis learnt to shoot free throws?

What ever became of George Mason?

Why do they talk about 64 teams, when it is really 65?

How come the Big Ten is still called the Big Ten?

Is this why the math section was removed from the LSAT?

Will the Big Ten be as embarrassing in basketball as in bowl games?

Quick, name the mascots of all 64/65 teams?

Why is Duke a 4 letter word, but UCLA is five? (Hint, put an “f” in front of UCLA)

Aside from Duke, Louisville, Memphis, and perhaps Purdue, how many of the conference tournament winners are cannon fodder (Akron, Alabama State, American, SUNY Binghamton, Cal State Northridge, Chattanooga, Cleveland State, East Tennessee State, Mississippi State, Morgan State, Northern Iowa, Portland State, Radford, Robert Morris, Siena, Temple, USC, Utah, Utah State, Virginia Commonwealth, Western Kentucky)?

How many schools with “State” in their name have won the title?

Will any Vegas casino be saved by sports betting on the Big Dance?

Is San Diego State paying for the past sins of Steve Fisher?

When, if ever, will Northwestern be in it?

Why does the Big Ten get seven teams?

When is the last time a Big Ten team won the NCAA?

Will Michigan make it out of the first round and help us repress football?

When the last whistle blows, does anyone care about the other three teams in the Final Four?

Who goes around screaming “We’re Number 2” or “We’re third in the nation,” much less “We are Number 4.”?

Why Arizona?

Why not the Galloping Gaels of Saint Mary’s?

Which Cinderella will be the next Gonzaga?

Is it better to be a 2 seed?

Does a bracketologist need a medical license?

Does any team really want to win this year?

Who will be the next coach to pull a Rick Neuheisel?

Will any of the teams have to forfeit their victories this season?

What will be the graduation rate of the championship team?

How many have a law school the basketball team can be proud of?

What about the UConn women’s team?

Beware the Ides of March!

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