Thursday, September 11, 2008

Touchdown Jesus is Smiling Again

Touchdown Jesus is Smiling Again. The Fighting Irish are fighting back. Last year’s 3-9 is an anomaly and is excised from the Notre Dame litany.

Anyone watching last Saturday’s Notre Dame-San Diego State game saw an enormous upset in the works. The Irish were trailing 13-7 when the Aztec running back was crossing the goal line with the clinching touchdown. Yet, one nanosecond, one millimeter short of the goal line, the ball trickled out of the runner’s hand, resulting in a touchback for Notre Dame. Notre Dame then scored two quick touchdowns to win. The Aztec descendants of Montezuma were impotent against Touchdown Jesus’ smile. The Notre Dame Fight Song was playing again.

I remember a Playboy cartoon from the 1960’s. It roughly showed a Fourth and 40 for Notre Dame from their 10 yard line with 2 seconds left in the game and Notre Dame down by 5. The caption read “Notre Dame will need a miracle to win this one.” A hand was diagramming a play in the sky.

That’s Touchdown Jesus.

Beat Michigan, which is not now but will yet become Michigan, and Notre Dame is on its way to a bowl. Charlie Weis becomes the second coming of Knute Rockne, Frank Leahy, and Ara Parseghian.

Lose to Michigan and Charlie Weis retires on his ten year contract.

Michigan will be winning 19-17 with 2 seconds left in the game, but Notre Dame will kick a 52 yard field goal, barely crossing the goal posts to win.

Touchdown Jesus wins again.

Forget 4 leaf clovers and shamrocks. Don’t listen to the harps. Don’t be diverted by the leprechaun. The shillelagh is a cover. The fabled “Luck of the Irish” is a way to explain Touchdown Jesus to the heathen.

Am I the only person who thinks Notre Dame Quarterback Jimmy Clausen with his helmet off looks like a smirky Draco Malfoy?

Notre Dame is favored under the Golden Dome, but the forecast is for rain, rain, and rain – a great equalizer. There will be no 52 yard field goals.

Go Blue!


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